The start/RC Engine 1:8

The origin of the company is reflected in the name. JHP Motorparts has launched the development and production of high-tech combustion engines for the serious, contest model construction. The entire process of design, development and production of race car internal combustion engines for 1:8 scale.

Our specialization in machining operations combined with craftsmanship and modern machinery, makes us a supplier of (fine) mechanical components. We organize the production for you.


We are specialized in high quality machining of materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and titanium. A varied machine park (2-to 4-axis) of machining forms the basis of cost-conscious produce. Years of experience delivers exquisite craftsmanship.


Most added value for our customers we reach in the area of design improvement. This value engineering focuses on improvements regarding production and manufacturability. From our expertise and experience as “chipper with engineers title” we regularly design improvements and/or the production method. In this way the product obtains both a better work performance as well as a more efficient way of producing. This value engineering delivers profit in terms of tool life, performance and production costs.
Value engineering we regularly carry out commands in the market segments rehabilitation, medical and process industry, where we be enabled by engineering firms, industrial design offices and machine builders with its own product.
Do you want to know more about the possibilities of “value engineering” and “engineering for production” for your company or your product please contact us.